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Top 10 Windows Phone Games: Windows phone allows its users to play a host of good games on their Windows mobiles, they have got good screens, nice hardware, and the Windows App Store has different games in abundance. The only thing that you have to give some thought on is which game to download. As the options are many, worry not, we have here compiled a list of the top 10 windows phone games among the many available amazing games.

Look at the List of Top 10 Windows Phones Games:

  • Asphalt 8: Airborne:

The Asphalt 8: Airborne is most probably the finest arcade racing game. This game offers lots of light-hearted fun to the fans of racing games. Just withhold the urge to spend money while playing the game as there are in-app purchases.

  • FIFA 15 UT

In the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (UT) game a player can create and manage the team of their dreams. You also have the option of getting on the field and taking part in the competitions. While playing the game, you can also earn points through your experience called experience points and the virtual money, which you can spend on recruiting the stars for improving

  • DEAD TARGET: Zombie

The DEAD TARGET: Zombie is an amazing game and it among the best First Person Shooter games I have ever played on my Windows device. The game does not have complex controls. So the next time you are bored, go on a zombie killing rage.

  • Monument Valley:

The Monument Valley after winning the different award for iOS devices came to the Windows smartphones app and it totally rocks on this platform too. All you have to do is to guide a silent princess, through a beautiful world, by manipulating impossible architectures.

The game excels visually and conceptually and gives you several wow factors throughout the game.

  • Crossy Road:

On the first look, Crossy Road does not look an amazing game but once you have the game installed and you start playing it, you realize why this is one of the best Windows Phone Game. The game is stupid fun; the sounds in the game are eccentric. And it has some cute graphics.

  • Badland:

When you play Badland on your Windows you realize that the game is magnificent. You might just be mesmerized by the graphics and the sound of the game. In an away, the game is hypnotizing. Moreover, the gasmen run very smooth.

  • Spider-Man Unlimited

Gameloft has come up with one more endless runner game called the Spider-Man Unlimited. The premise of the game has Spider-Men and his villains who came from a different universe. This game also offers a lot to the Spidey fans.

  • Halo: Spartan Assault

Halo has finally been made available on the smaller devices, exclusively for Windows devices.

And it is a must-have game for the fans of the Halo Franchise. The panic that you experience when you hear the beep of your shield, when enemies overcome you, the happiness of throwing a well-placed grenade, the game offers everything.

  • Threes!

If you like games that puzzle your brains then you are going to love this game. It is a nice amalgamation of excellent matching and nice strategies.

We do, however, strongly advise you to download it if you like brainy puzzlers at all.

  • Plants vs. Zombies


You might have most probably played the Plants vs. Zombies game on your computer, know its time to enjoy it on your smaller screen devices too. Be the in charge of the powered-up plants and protect the suburban home.

10 Best Windows Phones Games:

This was my list of the Top 10 Windows Phone Games that I love playing on my windows device. Check these apps and let us know your views.

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