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Top 10 iPhone Games: When you open the iOS Store on your iPhone and look for the next game to download, you realize that there are hundreds of games but how you do decide which will be the top 10 iPhone games. This is where we come handy; we have this time come up with a list of the best iPhone Games that you should be playing right now.

Apple’s iOS offers a wide variety of amazing games that are across different genres. I have tried and included the best iPhone games from as many genres as I could. Some of these games are paid, so go ahead and choose the next game that you will be playing on your iPhone.

List of Top 10 iPhone Games:

  • Monument Valley

Winner of several awards in and the “Apple Game of the Year 2014” and “Apple Design Award 2014” are just two among them; the Monument Valley is no doubt one of the best games I have ever played on my iPhone. In the game, you will have guide a silent princess by manipulating impossible architectures, through a beautiful world.

The game is visually and conceptually mind-blowing and each puzzle is beautifully crafted.

Monument Valley is not only a game; it is as much a delightful adventure, which has more ‘wow’ moments than most blockbusters.

  • Trivia Crack

In the Trivia Crack, players need to answer an array of trivia questions to collect character “crowns.” Once you have correctly answered three questions, then you will be able to add a character to your collection. After you have six crowns, you win the game.

I found the gameplay of the Trivia Crack really fun and it was at times challenging too and you are also promised variety in the game with user-sourced questions and answers.

  • Angry Birds 2

Here they are once again; the biggest mobile game has a sequel – Angry Birds 2. With this game submerge into the era of slingshot gameplay, nice graphics, multi-stage levels that are quite challenging, boss pigs and greater destruction.

Taking the gameplay of the Angry Birds 2 into account, the Angry Birds 2 is the best game in the series. They have also thrown in additional randomizations, which makes things spicier, the newly included “boss fights” are an amazing inclusion, and all other new bits that Rovio has included at different places in the game makes the game more fun. The fans, the weird flowers spitting blocks will make playing the game a fun experience.

  • The Executive

The Executive allows you to flame kick the werewolves, run a trillion dollar mining company and perform breathtaking acrobatic stunts.

The Executive game has in some ways been able to give that satisfying feeling, which most games cannot even approach. This game offers one of the most amazing gameplay that I have experienced on the iOS. The Executive has a continuous gameplay loop that includes ass-kicking, taking down names and checking them off the list, getting upgrades, and then repeating the same. What I especially like about the game was that it has simple mechanics, fast bursts of gameplay, and with each enemy, you have a different strategy to handle.

  • NBA 2K15

All the basketball fans out there, if you do not yet have the NBA 2K15 running on your iPhones, then you now know the next game that you must download.

The NBA 2K15 offers a great basketball experience on the iPhone with full five on five basketball simulations, realistic motion, and deluxe 3D design. The NBA 2K15 is a fun and authentic play that makes for a great pick.

  • Real Racing 3

The Real Racing Game has now just got better, with a lineup of all new licensed cars from different manufacturers, licensed tracks the Real Racing 3 manages to offer a rich racing experience. It is among the most beautiful and real circuit racing games available on smartphones.

Real Racing 3 raises the bar for all the racing games available on mobile. It is clearly the most eye-pleasing and authentic looking racer game yet.

  • Her Story

In Her Story, the police interview a woman for seven times. You have to examine the video database and explore hundreds of different authentic clips in order to discover ‘Her Story’ in this amazing, must-be-playing narrative game.

Her Story will offer you a unique experience. This is the king of iPhone game that you would have never played before and just might never get to play a game like this again, so pick up your iPhone, download and try this game out.

  • Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is among the latest free running game and it is already in among the best free running games for iPhone.

There are stunning visuals and a refined gameplay and the specialty of the game goes beyond that, to feel that you will have to try this game. That something is what makes games amazing and ‘Alto’s Adventure has lots of that.

  • Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure

Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure debuted on the App Store in 2014 and it was classified as a classic in no time. The game has an amazing soundtrack, visuals are filled with the perfect amount of irony and the game has an enthusiastic and spirited script.

The Cosmic Adventure game succeeds in striking the perfect balance between an adventure game, which satisfies the veterans and can be happily played by newbies.

  • Infinity Blade III

The third installment in the Infinity Blade game series is among the best action games available for iPhones, and it brilliantly carries forward the familiar Infinity Blade formula with just the perfect amount of tweaks. This installment offers more content, customization, and coming to the best part- HUGE DRAGONS.

10 Best iPhone Games:

So, these were our top 10 iPhone Games. If you have not already played any of these games, check them out ASAP. Your views and comments are awaited.

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