iPhone 5SE Launch Date Fixed for 21 March – Will Release with the Name of iPhone SE

iPhone 5SE Leaks, Rumors, News: We have received and come across a huge number of leaked images and render of the upcoming iPhone 5SE mobile phone and now we receive hands-on images if the claimed 4-inch upcoming iPhone 5se smartphone. We cannot comment on whether if these images are of the real device or if these are fake for that we have to wait until the 22nd March which is claimed to be the new iPhone 5SE Launch Date. The new iPad Air 3 will accompany the iPhone 5se when it will be unveiled in its launch event. There has also been reports of Apple not taking pre-orders for these new products but going straight on sale.

Apple iPhone 5se Leaked Images


The iPhone 5SE seem to follow the design and build of the iPhone 6/6s with a smaller 4-inch screen, the power button has been shifted to the top of the handset.

iPhone 5Se Leaks and Rumors (New Updates)

A reliable source has now confirmed that the upcoming Apple devices, 4-inch iPhone 5se and the iPad Air 3 will use Apple’s latest chipsets. The iPhone will come powered by the A9 processor, which is presently available in the iPhone 6s and the iPad Air 3 will be packed with the A9X processor seen inside the iPad Pro.

The iPhone 5se leaks and rumors that we had encountered earlier had pointed towards the iPhone 5se being powered by the older A8 processor but now this latest rumors and news have solidified the fact that this upcoming Apple iPhone 5se will feature the latest and most powerful chipset.

As for the iPad Air 3, we had not received any earlier information about which chipset will the iPad Air 3 come packed with making the A9X the most probable choice to do the job. A new information out of Korea also claims that the Launch Date of the iPhone 5se has been pushed from 15th March to 22nd March.

iPhone 5SE Will Launched on 22nd March

The upcoming 4-inch iPhone 5 se has seen a number of leaked images now and if they turn out to be true the iPhone 5 se will resemble the iPhone 6 / 6s in looks, it will look like the 4-inch compressed version of the earlier iPhone.

As for the expected iPhone 5se specification and features, the smartphone will sport a smaller 4 inch screen, and it will be powered by the Apple A9 processor, but according to this latest rumors Apple might just go forward with the A8 processor along with 1GB RAM due to the cost constraints as they want the iPhone 5e price to stay under $500 (3288 yuan or Rs. 33400).


iPhone 5se Camera Specification: 8MP Camera 

The iPhone 5se will come with camera specifications same as the iPhone 6, the smartphone is expected to feature an 8 MP primary camera on the back. It will also come supporting the latest Live Photos feature.

The new enhanced version of the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5se has also been rumored to be released in a hot pic variant. It will be packed with all the Apple’s latest hardware, it will probably come powered by A9 and M9 processors, have NFC chip to support Apple Pay, always on Siri activation.


iPhone 5Se Launch Date and Price (Expected): Come Around Rs. 40000

With the iPhone 5 se Apple wants to target the large crowd of people who would still prefer a small 4 inch screened phone due to the ease of usage and presently Apple is the only smartphone manufacturer who offers a top end 4 inch smartphone in its iPhone 5s but as that has now become slightly outdated an enhanced version of it namely iPhone 5se might help Apple shoot the profit curve higher up.

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