How To Increase Domain Authority Of A Website 2018

We are well aware of the fact that Domain Authority of a site is extremely important and it benefits the site and the owner of it from SEO and business point of view. But here, a few questions pop up in our mind as to how we can improve the Domain Authority and what factors are needed to achieve higher DA.
Well, this article will clearly enrich your mind about how you can enhance your or any website’s domain authority. Spend a couple of minutes to read the content below and surely you will be benefited immensely.

How To Increase Page Authority And Domain Authority

Content Marketing Strategy

For any website authority checker to show high DA of your site, you need to upload relevant, original and informative content and posts on your site. Also, you need to do post frequently and never let your activities die. Make sure the content is of high quality as it directly influences the ranking of the site. Google wants that its users get the most relevant answers to their queries and this emphasizes the fact that the website needs to have a content uploaded that serves a clear purpose.

Content Strategy For Website

Always come up with a well-planned strategy. If writing isn’t your field, make sure you hire a good professional writer who is well aware of the intricates of content curation and what to produce for a specific website. Not only this you need to come up with aiding material like colorful visuals that include pictures, PowerPoint presentations, graphs, charts, and Gifs etc. the adding of media and colorful visuals enhance the content and make the information more pleasing to the eye.


Make sure that you feed your visitors and subscribers with quality information on a regular basis. Update the information on the website continuously and never let it be a stagnant pool. Feed the visitors with fresh and needed information. For this purpose, blogging is considered as a cure. Don’t have a blog on your website? You are way too behind your competitors and to catch up, you need to start it today.


Every site made till now needs to be visible to people and Search Engine Optimized for the reason that other sites offering the same services can be contested. For this, you should ensure that all blog posts have long-tail keywords that are specifically targeting a search query or a question. This will enable you to higher your DA which can easily be measured through a trusted domain authority checker.
To enhance the SEO of the site don’t forget to use the optimized headlines, headings within the posts, permalinks, and content related images.

Emphasize on internal linking

When you are creating blog posts or on-page content, internal linking to other pages of the website is extremely important. It is important that you link to those pages that contain relevant information. This is a well-known way of transferring traffic from page to another and it also tells the search engines that they are loaded with valuable content and information that the visitors are after.


It is also advisable to do backlinking as it is considered a powerful phenomenon in the SEO field. No site can survive as alone and this highlights the fact that backlinking is extremely significant. What you need to do is to create strong backlinks by doing guest posting on websites having high authority. Choose those websites that belong to the same industry as you are in.
Never forget the power of social media and keep on sharing posts on social media. Make such posts and content that people are compelled to share it with others by themselves. That’s the power of strong content and informative posts that you don’t need to ask it for sharing on social media platforms.

No broken links

Never compromise on bad or broken links as they can act as cactus to your site. It is important to have a good link profile because Google is going to take strict actions on you if you have bad or broken links on your site. If you check domain authority of your site, it will be low due to this exact reason of bad links. Make a regular check of your site to make sure there aren’t any bad or broken links and as soon as you find them delete them.
This is an important practice and will enable you to gain position in the SERPs.

Wait and have patience

To gain high results in DA of your site, you will have to be patient. Slowly and gradually you will achieve results but it isn’t possible that you will gain high domain authority soon after you have developed your site and made it live. Do all the right things and your efforts will bring you results one day. surely.
Although these results won’t be shown initially but after first six months, you will start experiencing that your hard work and persistence is bringing fruits. But for exciting results, you must make sure that your optimization and content curation efforts are up to the mark and you are following the trends. This way you can enhance your authority.
MOZ is of the view that is quite easy to raise the DA of a site from 30 to 40 as compared to raising it from 70 to 80. Make sure to use a da checker that you trust and it measures the authority in the right way. After continuous examination of DA, if the site isn’t where it should be, this clearly indicates that you still need to put the hard yards in and work hard to achieve the desired results.

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