How To Fix 403 Forbidden Error On Google Chrome

How to fix 403 forbidden error

Fixing errors is a technical work as some errors are so annoying that you are not at all able to fix it at once, it takes days to understand where the actual problem is and then you troubleshoot it. But, yes, some errors are there that can be easily fixed. All you need to do is follow up the procedure in a proper manner and it will be solved.

In this tutorial, we are going to be your helping hand as we are going to guide you about “how to fix 403 forbidden error”. But before jumping at the solution directly, we will first understand what this error is and why it pops up.

There are millions of web development company who face these kinds of errors on regular basis but now they are expert in solving these types of issues.

403 forbidden Error Means?

If you belong to IT background then you must have heard about the “HTTP status codes”. It is one of them. There are some resources or pages which are forbidden due to some reasons, and if you will try to access those pages then you are going to face the “403 forbidden error”.

There are thousands of servers and every server generates the 403 error in different ways, I am listing down the most common 403 error messages:

Types of “403 Forbidden Error”?

  • 403 Forbidden.
  • HTTP 403.
  • Forbidden: You don’t have permission to access [directory] on this server.
  • Error 403.
  • HTTP Error 403.14 – Forbidden.
  • Error 403 – Forbidden.
  • HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden.

Reasons Behind “403 Forbidden Error”?

As I said in the introduction portion, whenever you will try to access the page that you are not allowed to visit or don’t have permission, you will face this error. So, either fix 403 forbidden error, or leave the page.

Moving further, we will now discuss about the main point that is “how to fix 403 forbidden error”. The steps are really easy, just follow it carefully and I am sure the issue will be fixed.

Steps of how to fix 403 forbidden error?

  1. CHECK URL ERROR:There are many websites that don’t allow directory browsing, so you need to make sure that the URL you are specifying is correct. Check whether the URL you are writing is of that particular web page that you want to access or not. This is one of the most common reason because of which website returns this error. If you still want to do directory browsing without facing this error, then you need to “enable directory browsing” in your software.
  1. CLEAR CACHE: One possibility is there might be an issue in the cache. Clear your browser’s cache and then try to access the page again. The error will be solved automatically if the problem is with the cache.
  2. CLEAR COOKIES: If the issue is not fixed after clearing the cache also, then you can go with the other step that is by clearing the cookies.
  3. GET IN TOUCH WITH THE WEBSITE: What if the error is a mistake and the website’s owners is not aware about this issue? You can go to the “contact us page” and directly inform them about the issue that you are not able to access the site. If it’s a mistake then it will be solved in a short span of time by them.
  4. CONTACT INS: Even after trying all these processes you failed, then it is high time to contact your Internet Service Provider.

Similar Errors as 403 Forbidden Error?

Apart from this 403 forbidden error, there are many other errors that you may face while trying to access some websites. Some of them include:

  • 400 Bad Request.
  • 401 Unauthorized.
  • 404 Not Found.
  • 408 Request Timeout.

These are 400 series HTTP errors, likewise there are more HTTP status code errors that you may face, so find out the list and read about every HTTP Status code error so it will become easy for you to fix it.

Mentioned above is the tutorial on “how to fix 403 forbidden error”, I hope the information is clear to you and you will be able to “fix 403 erroreasily. Try it now and solve it.


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