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Technology is changing the world and almost all types of businesses, whether small or big, they make use of the internet platform to expand and grow their businesses. If you own an enterprise and want to expand the field, you can use Software as service which lets you explore various cloud-based applications over the Internet.

Nowadays, a large number of companies rely on Field Service Management, no matter whether they are small or big enterprises just to see some growth in their businesses. Most of the industries work with different platforms and to keep an eye and proper management of different workers and fields, Field Service Management Software FSM Software provides the best environment.

To establish your startup or small enterprise, Field Service Management Software plays an important role and with the use of Field Service Management SaaS, you will be able to run your enterprise smoothly. One of the best tools for you to keep an eye on the online services is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is known as one of the best field service management software for small business Industry and pretty much everyone who owns an enterprise, do know the values of their customers and how their enterprises are impacting to the audiences using the Cloud-based platform. The advantage of FSM software is you can use field service management software for small business as well as large business. Google Analytics provides statistics which comes with a variety of tools for market purposes and search engine optimization. You can simply make use of these free tools to grow your enterprise within the Field Service Management software.

If you have decided to get into the Field Service Management Industry by using the Cloud based applications through Internet, then you probably might be in need of some instructions to enhance your service with Google Analytics tool. Let's check out what Google Analytics can do and how you can start using it in the FSM.

Impact of Google Analytics in Field Service Management Industry

Google Analytics is basically a free tool from Google which provides statistics. Its a cloud based field service management software also know as (field service management software cloud).It comes with a number of additional tools for different types of marketing purposes and Search Engine Optimisation. Most of the industries to make use of this free tool offered by Google to keep an eye on the behavior of their product on the web platform.

How to use google analytics for my website?

Google Analytics is a free tool and anyone can use it. As soon as you have your own Google account, you will be able to start using this service for free. It only requires a proper Google Account to setup your profile and your Google Analytics account. Google Analytics is the most widely used Analytics tool in the global market.

Google Analytics tool is a free tool, however, it is packed with a variety of different other services to boost up the overall behavior of your enterprise. You can analyze a variety of things using this tool with the help of a Google account.

How To Use Google Analytics In Website ?

Google Analytic tool analyses your website traffic, see traffic country-wise, how do they visit your website, what pages they like to view etc. In a nutshell, you can see pretty much anything on Google Analytics through its powerful tools. Since the tool is from Google, it retrieves the data easily from the web and instantly show you the right stats.

How To Use Google Analytics Tracking Code?

  • To setup google analytics Visit the official link to sign up for a new Google Analytics account.
  • Note: Make sure you have your own Google Account. If you don't have one, kindly create a new Google Account first.
  • From the given page, click on to the Sign In button from the upper right corner.
  • Now, click Access Google Analytics option.
  • Click on Sign Up button.
  • Make sure to fill in the required details properly including the website name, website URL, Time Zone etc.
  • Now, click on to Get tracking ID option.
  • Click on to the Terms and Services option and put the tracking ID to your website's header page.
  • Click the Ok button.

Once you insert the Google Analytics Tracking ID to your website, you will be able to explore all the Analytics tools for free. You can see your enterprise' traffic, real-time traffic, traffic from countries etc.

For the above reasons, Google Analytics is the best Field Management Service software  It comes with easy to use and easy to learn UI for everyone.

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