Difference Between a Router and Modem, Router vs Modem Comparison – Which One Best for Use ?

Router and Modem Comparision: Router and Modem are two devices, which are generally used for internet connectivity in homes. But, one can hardly tell any difference between a router and modem. These two small sized, plastic hardware look exactly alike and can be seen on the most home desks. With a reckless glance, one cannot tell the difference. Below is the reason:

Router vs Modem Comparison 

What is the Difference Between a Router and Modem ?

Difference Between a Router and Modem
  • The plugs and jacks on the back of their side seem exactly same.
  • They are almost of similar size and shape
  • Both of them have flash lights for suggesting that they are working
  • Both of them connect to PC

We very well know that one is called router and another one is called modem, and both of them provide us ease of internet and connect us to the world. But there is always an ongoing confusion about explaining the difference between these two wonder devices.

However, they both are helping us to stay connected with the outer world, in spite of this fact; they are doing totally different jobs. So, what exactly they perform?

Below is the simplified solution, explaining the acute differences among a modem and a router and on what basis you require one of them, or should prefer the other.

Router and Modem Difference 

Router and Modem Difference

They are internet partners:

  • modem is something which connects to a cable or wire from the outside, inviting in the internet data from all outer world. A separate wire which goes from your modem device to your PC forwards your internet requests to your PC and monitor. What you get there is what you demanded.
  • Also, you cannot simply plug that cable from your ISP straight away into your PC. It actually does not work like that. The modem device is indispensable between the cable and the computer.
  • Modem devices are quite helpful in getting us online, but there is something they lack behind with. Modems fail to provide us internet security and safety. They cannot be a protective shield from hackers and one modem connects to only single computer.

So, relying entirely on modem can bring your computer at risk. You will need anti-virus software to protect your PC from any sort of bad stuff.

Comparison Between Modem and Router

Comparison Between Modem and Router

Now, a router is a reliable companion for your computer, modem device and of course, you. With some wires and connections and getting some software installed, all three of them can be connected.

  • router does two crucial things by relying on to your modem device. (Well, three.)
  • It can receive the digital signals from the modem device and distribute it to other devices and computers around the house. So, now you have a computer network at you house.
  • To do this, the router slightly modifies the IP address on your PC. This becomes a protection for your computer and hard for hackers to get into your computer. In, fact, it becomes even difficult to track and target any computer linked to that router.
  • A wireless router lets you connect your Internet connection at your home with the help of any sort of wire free device, like your laptop, iPad or phone. You just need to be assured about the safety of your wireless network and those instructions come with the router.

So, below is the summarized Router vs modem comparison:

  • modem allows you the luxury of going online. It is connected to your ISP and to a computer or Mac.
  • router connected with your modem is what lets you distribute your internet with other devices around the house. It comes with its in-built security system against hackers and other outside threats.

Router vs Modem Comparison

Router vs Modem Comparison

Above was the detailed difference between router and modem device. Of course, both of them are used for internet connectivity but one cannot be used without the other one. Both of them have their significant important roles in order to provide us easy as well as safe internet experience.

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