Best Xbox 360 Games, Top 5 Best Games on Xbox 360

Best Xbox 360 Games: Xbox 360 is still the greatest gaming console and we thanks to it. Xbox 360 released 11 years ago and it had a larger impact than Microsoft’s first game console. There are many best Xbox 360 video games that we can’t forget. These games made Xbox 360 a special gaming console over in last decade. Today here we are with some best Xbox 360 games that made it one of the best-selling gaming consoles of all time.

Best Xbox One Games

Many games released after lthe aunch of Xbox One in 2005, so choosing the best games on Xbox 360 was a tough task. So we have mentioned a list of Best Xbox 360 Video Gamesbelow.

Best Xbox 360 Games, Top 5 Xbox 360 Video Games

Red Dead Redemption:

Read Dead Redemption is one of the best Xbox 360 games and it is based on action adventure game from studio that made GTA. In this game, you are John Marston whose wife and son are held hostage by govt. Now you need to bid to get back your loved ones back. You can fire your pistols, ride a horse and meet various characters in your way. Some of them may harm you.

The “BioShock” Series:


The “BioShock” Series is a blend of science-fiction, shooting and horror games. The game is being loved for its unique story. After your plane crashes in ocean, you discover an underwater city named Rapture. To survive, you will use all your weapons, get superpowers, and make many choices. These choices will affect your game. So we must say that the game is one of the best Xbox 360 Video Games for many.

The “Mass Effect” Series:


The reason behind The “Mass Effect” Series to become one of the best Xbox 360 games is its deep and interesting plot with some fantastic characters. In this game, you will get plenty of choices on your way that will effect directly on your game. The game is all about a race from planet to planet to save the galaxy from Rappers. You create the real story of The “Mass Effect” Series.

The “Portal” Series:


In this game, you wake up in a laboratory where a series of tests are running on you. You need to pass these tests with just one tool i.e. a portal gun. The portal gun creates one orange and one blue portal. Enter through the orange portal and you will come out of the blue portal, and vice versa. The base of the game is too simple i.e. best the tests and escape Aperture labs.

The “Left 4 Dead” Series:


If you love to shoot zombies then “Left 4 Dead” is completely your game. The game has trillions of zombies want to eat your brain desperately. You have three of your good friends to stop zombies using their weapons. The “Left 4 Dead” is all about an interesting component of game named “AI Director”. It directs zombies in varying sizes and difficulties depending how well you are playing. So it is one of the best Xbox 360 Action Games.

Best Xbox 360 Video Games

We publish this article here especially for those who love to play games. We advise them to read Best Xbox 360 Games before buying one. You may also comment your favorite Xbox 360 game, we will add it in our list of best games for Xbox 360. Stay connected with us to know about all latest gadgets.

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