Best VR Headsets Under 1000, Best VR Headsets Under 1500, Top VR Headsets Under 3000 in India

Virtual Reality concept isn’t new, it was around us from past few years but now this Virtual Reality Experience has taken a new form – VR Headset. Before we suggest you the Best VR Headsets under 1000, 1500, 3000 (Affordable Prices), first just try to understand What is VR Headset and How it works.

What is VR Headsets: Some time ago people used to watch Movies on cinema screen for live experience and big screen. VR Headset is just little far from this cinema screen. We just put a headset in front of our eyes and everything playing on smartphone becomes live as if it is actually in front of us. Our head movements are totally in control of emotions that we experience during watching movies or playing games.

Virtual Reality Headsets are mostly used for watching movies and playing 3D games. Virtual Reality Headsets are famous for it’s three-dimensional view which can rotate up to 360 degree for giving you a live experience adventure.

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Best VR Headsets in India Under 3000, 1500, 1000

Best VR Headsets in India Under 3000, 1500, 1000

Usually, VR Headsets requires Desktop / Smartphone, a Headset and some kinds of trackpads (with buttons), controllers and hand trackers etc.

Best VR Headsets Under 1000, Latest VR Headsets in India with Cheap Prices

  • Google GetCardboard Headset at Just Rs. 230/-

Inspired by Google Cardboard, this headset is available at just Rs. 290/- on Flipkart. GetCardboard supports android 4.1 and above and iOS 5 and above versions. Watch 3D movies and videos upto 360-degree rotation. In a very simple and affordable way, it offers you the best Virtual Reality experience. It fits with the smartphone upto size of 6 inches.

Fully assembled kit is available for Rs. 230 and partly assembled kit is available at just Rs. 199.

  • Irusu iCardboard Video Glasses at Just Rs. 499/-

It is inspired by the google Cardboard and available at just 499/- on flipkart, amazon and other e-commerce sites. It comes with a nose cushion velcro strap to tie around head while watching any video or playing 3D video games.

    • AuraVR Virtual Reality Video Glasses at Just Rs. 650/-

It is available in black and white attracting color. This is another VR Headset inspired from Google GetCardboard which comes in a very cheap price. Two popular ecommerce sites amazon and Flipkart are offering it at just 650/-. It’s plastic body fits any android and iPhone upto size of 6 inches.

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VR Headsets Under 1500 in India

  • ANT VR Lenovo K4 Headset at Just Rs. 1,299/-

If you have noticed on ecommerce sites recently then you definitely know that Lenovo ANT VR Headset is free with Lenovo K4 Note. It’s lenses are large and adjust with eyes smoothly with three level adjustment. Apart from all the above features its portability feature is also very good with a very light weight that fit the heavy Lenovo Vibe X3 perfectly.

Best VR Headsets in India Under 3000

  • DOMO VR4 nHance VR 3D Headset

Now after a huge discount it is available at just 1590/- on flipkart and 890/- on amazon. It comes in a very stylish design and comfortable features of headband. It’s the Best VR Display in Cheap Price in India. It supports HD format for 3D videos and games. Moreover this android, windows, iOS are supported by this. It works very well with all the Cardboard apps.

Open back feature of it allows you to use your camera for real time recording. Aspheric Optical Lens of it can be removed for left,right, front, back according to display size of your smartphone and for your eye comfort.

  • Bingo V200 VR BOX Virtual Reality 3D Video Glasses + Remote Video Glasses

Bingo VR 200 Version is available at Rs. 1,298 and on flipkart and on amazon it is of 1,699/-.

An advanced version Bingo VR 300 VR Glasses with Bluetooth control Video Glasses is the latest in market. With this 3D Virtual device you’ll feel yourself in complete different world.

It’s 3D glasses are perfect for a better large HD view as HD Optical Resin lenses are inbuilt in this.

  • Procus VR Glasses, get at Rs. 2,499

These virtual reality glasses offer you a whole new experience of VR technology. As the higher price always offer you something new and unique in every gadget, this Procus VR Glasses allow you to play or watch your favorite game or movie without any disturbance. It won’t allow a single ray of light to enter in your virtual world. Both android and iOS from 3.5 to 6 inch size are supported by this. There is a wheel tool that comes with it to adjust eye to screen distance. Amazing VR Glasses are being offered by amazon at just 2,499 in india.

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Other Some Amazing VR Glasses with Latest Technology

  • Samsung Gear VR Headset

Samsung Gear VR powered by oculus comes with the AMOLED Display to enhance the view that you were dreaming all the time. It brings reality to virtual world at a very great level. It’s compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, Note 5, S6, S6 edge. Larger touch pad of it, is easy to control with more accuracy. 318 g weight is much lighter than other previous VR Glass models  and foam cushioning do not make you tired while enjoying your virtual world. It is available on flipkart at just 7,899.

Best VR Headsets Under 1K, 1.5k, 3k

Oculus rift VR, HTC Vive have completely changed the experience of VR technology and VR Headsets so far. These are the more advanced versions of Google Get Cardboard. E Commerce sites do not offer these in India but we’ll update you as soon as these VR Headsets at Lowest Price in India comes. Share with us if you have other Best VR Headsets in India in Low price in your mind.

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