Best Share Market Apps To Use

What is share market?

  • Share market is the collection of all those persons who trades in stock. Stock is the ownership interests in various companies.
  • In other words it is the group of buyers and sellers interested in taking ownership rights in companies.
  • Equity market and stock market are another terms that are used for share market.
  • Stock includes both publicly as well as privately traded securities. Stock is also known as shares.
  • Stock exchange list shares of large companies so that they can be traded easily. It is the exchange where buyer and sellers sells and buys shares, securities and bonds.

Best Share Market Apps
Best Share Market Apps

Why do we need share market apps?

  • Apps are mobile applications designed to fulfill certain requirements or for special purposes.
  • They make work much easier by providing quick access, reduced time to carry out tasks etc.
  • Stock market apps provide ease of access to share market and view all the necessary details required by a person for trading in shares.

Stock market app development can be done for various devices which includes the following

  • Share market apps for android
  • Share market apps for iphone
  • Stock market apps for ipad
  • Stock market apps for beginners
  • Stock market apps for desktop
  • Stock market watch app for android
  • Stock market apps for windows 7.

Stock market app development can also be done for various tasks to be performed during trading on stock exchange which includes the following

  • Stock market broker app for brokers dealing in trading activities.
  • Stock market betting app
  • Stock market report app
  • Share market prediction app
  • Stock market tracking apps for tracking purpose
  • Stock market training apps for training beginners
  • Stock market investing apps for investment purpose
  • Stock market trading apps for the trading of shares
  • Stock market simulator apps
  • Stock market news apps for displaying current news headlines of stock exchange.

However, it is important to remember that just apps do not make your able traders. You need sound fundamental knowledge of trading and fund management. A real life classroom course from a trading professional in advanced technical analysis for share trading can help you make better trading decisions. It will help you minimize losses and improve profit margins.

Stock market apps for android

There are multiple stock market apps for android. These share market apps allows you to easily perform all the activities according to your need and time constraints.

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Following are some best stock market apps for android:

JStock android – stock market apps

  • The trial version of these stock market apps is free of cost. Upgrading it may require user to pay some fee.
  • It shows 27 different markets of the world.
  • Individual stock history charts are available for every market.
  • The chart indicates profits and losses, prices of current bid.
  • Stock alert prices can also be set using these stock market apps.
  • It provides a home widget also. Using this hoe widget on can stay at the top of their stocks.
  • Upgrading it for a premium version will remove ads from these share market apps.
  • It provides you with number of charts such as dividend chart, portfolio chart and zoomable history chart.
  • On the basis of current exchange rate, it shows foreign stock portfolio.

Stock quote – share market apps

  • This app also falls under the category of stock market news apps by providing financial news obtained from reliable sources.
  • You can obtain real time quotes just by entering the stock symbol.
  • Adding stocks to portfolio could be beneficial for tracking purpose in these share market apps.
  • Real time fluctuations in price can be seen by auto refresh option turned on in these stock market apps.
  • It also allows security to your portfolios by allowing making it password protected.
  • It also provides various backup and sync option to recover your data in case of data loss.

Portfolio watcher-share market apps

  • It provide complete details about stock such as related charts, days’ highs and lows, size of bid and many more related information.
  • All you need to do is just select the stock about which you want to know.
  • Portfolio watcher allows you to sync your already created portfolio from yahoo or Google.
  • This app also falls under the category of stock market news apps by providing financial news obtained from reliable sources.
  • It provides news mainly from CNBC and Reuters.
  • Notification can be customized for change in price, change in technical indicators etc.
  • Users can provide feedback to the developers of these stock market apps according to the changes they desire in the app.
  • This app is available free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Money control market app

  • It is a suitable app for all investors, traders or brokers.
  • It is a great stock market apps for beginners to learn tricks and tips for trading in stock
  • It is one of the stock market tracking apps and allows you to track the status of investment made by you.
  • It also allows you to seek advice from other investors.
  • This app can be downloaded for Android, iphone, ipad as well as on blackberry.

NSE mobile trading

  • It is a great market monitoring tool with simple interface.
  • It is one of the great stock market trading apps as well as one of the efficient stock market tracking apps.
  • It is free of cost and is available on both android and iOS.

Stock watch

  • It is one of the best stock market app for android India.
  • Important stock exchanges can be followed through this app in India.
  • Its ‘stock search’ feature is easy to use.
  • You can keep a watch on all the crucial stocks using its stock watchlist.
  • You can sort stocks on basis of its name, change in price.
  • This app also falls under the category of stock market news apps as it provides essential business and global news.

Yahoo finance

  • It shows you quote depending upon the country you select after its installation process.
  • It provides all related information about a stock as well news related to financial issues.
  • It also allows access to your profile through Personal Computer.
  • It provides a easy and clear user interface that can be easily used to track changes in stock prices and monitor your stocks.
  • It is available for both Android as well for iOS.

Investar app

  • It is specially designed for viewing stock charts of NSE.
  • Its technical indicators help traders in making decisions about trading the stock.
  • It is free of cost and is available for both Android and iOS.
  • The chart which it displays is auto update after every 5 minutes to reflect recent changes.

Stock market investing apps

Making money through investment is a great way of doing it. Following are some top stock market investing apps:


  • It is a business that allows making investment in small amounts.
  • It is an ideal stock market apps for beginners.
  • Provides a user friendly interface and can be easily downloaded from Google play store.
  • It is compatible with a large range of mobile phones and is one of the reliable, easy stock market investing apps.


  • It is one of the stock market news apps providing news from various sources at one place.
  • It keeps you up to date with all the financial issues and news prevailing in the market.
  • It also allows you to be follower of various news channels, websites that shows news, blogs etc.
  • Before investing anywhere it is necessary to have complete knowledge about the areas in which one should invest. Thus this app helps you to gain that knowledge at one single place.

com investing apps

  • com provides two stock market investing apps.
  • The first one is a stock market app which provide all the information related to stock.
  • The second app emphasis on cryptocurrency.
  • Both are a great app to use with easy interface.


  • It is a newly released stock market investing app.
  • It provides a bundle of features to its users for efficient trading in the market.
  • It is available for free and can be downloaded from Google play store.
  • Upgrading this app for pro version will require paying a little amount.

NetDania Forex and stocks

  • Most widely used stock market investing app.
  • Rated as 4.6 out of 5 in Google play store.
  • Provides information about more than 10000 stocks , many currency pairs and about 20000 financial instruments.

SigFig wealth management

  • It is a combination of Acorns and MyStocks stock market investing apps.
  • It allows easy management of your portfolio.
  • You can invest in stock through this app as well as you can invest in SigFig also.


  • It is one of the efficient stock market investing apps.
  • Material design interface of this app is easy to use and understand.
  • It can be downloaded from Google play store for free of cost.

 Stock market trading apps

Following are the popular apps available as share market apps free download:

Mobile app by 5Paisa

  • Considered to be best in performance under stock market trading apps category.
  • Executes order in a great speed providing high quality service to its users.
  • In addition to trading in stocks it also allows you to deal in mutual funds.
  • Helps in performing technical analysis very quickly.
  • Provides high standards when security is concerned.


  • Fyers are those stock brokers that are [popular for the quality of service they provide to their users.
  • Mobile app built by fyers is just same as them.
  • This mobile app even works at low internet connectivity.
  • Allows technical analysis to be carried out easily and efficiently.


  • This mobile app is launched by one of the popular discount brokers of India known as Zerodha.
  • It is easy to use and provides a intuitive user interface to users for greta trading experience.
  • Provides information about number of markets.
  • Provides multiple charts and indicators for quick financial analysis.

Best stock market app for iphone India

Following are some of the share market apps for iphone

Stock tracker

  • Stock tracker streams live quotes.
  • Various portfolios can be tracked using stock tracker
  • It also provides financial news that currently prevails in the market.
  • Portfolios from Google finance and yahoo finance can also be imported through his app.

Reuter news

  • It is one of the stock market news apps providing a lot of quality news to its users.
  • It keeps you up to date with latest business and financial news.
  • It also enables you to keep track of stock and save the stories you like.

Stock pro

  • It is one of the best stock market trading apps.
  • It provides plethora of services to easily handle and manage your portfolio and stocks.
  • It keeps its user up to date with the updated quotes.
  • It streams live quotes.
  • Provides a calendar showing events and your earnings

Stock + option

  • It provides a number of resources that allows easy management and tracking of portfolios.
  • Keeps their users updated with its live news and alerts about changes and updates in stock price.
  • Supports in-depth options allowing users to track future decisions about stock and investments to be made.

Best stock market apps for ipad

Following are the best stock market apps for ipad:

Stocks live

  • Provides contact of Major brokers to trade with.
  • Provides around 145+ news feed from various sources.
  • It auto refreshes quotes after every 20 seconds to provide users the most updated quotes.
  • Integrated with twitter
  • Provides backing up your data with iCloud.

Real-time stock tracker +alert

  • Various watch lists to view stocks.
  • Majority of US brokers supported.
  • Streams live quotes
  • Lots of technical charts along with technical indicators.

Stock ratings

  • Along with current ratings you can also view historical ratings of the stock.
  • It is a free app and can be easily downloaded for your ipad.
  • It allows you to view stocks on London Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange and National Association of Securities Dealer Automated Quotation System.

Stock TickerPicker

  • A great app for technical analysis
  • Provides number of charts, thus known more commonly as charting app for ipad.
  • Supports stock on London Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange and National Association of Securities Dealer Automated Quotation System, Paris and many more foreign exchanges.














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