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When people talk about boosting their productivity, the first thing they suggest would be switching off your phones or getting disconnected from the social media. But what about those of us who do their major part of work on their laptops or those who take up a major part of their information from the internet? We cannot get off our screens and that is very legit..

Hence, for those of us who do most of our work on our cell phones, laptops or iPhones, it is really important that we track how much of our work is being done and how fast, so as to track our productivity and skills as well as to boost our productivity whenever we feel like it’s lacking. In form of a boon for the likes of us, some genius has created a thing called productivity software.

What is Productivity Software?

There are certain application software available for your PC that could help you track your productivity, and, if fact, get more done in less time, making work more efficient, easier and a fun experience. There are some premium productivity software available (such as Airtable, Trello, etc.) while some free software for productivity (such as Boxer, SaneBox, etc.) these software are also available as android apps and you can also download these productivity apps on your iPads and iPhones., Plan, etc. are some of the best productivity websites. These have various time management and productivity tools that would help you manage and organizee your data, synchronize it with your Google account and use it across platforms.

Then there are these chrome extensions such as RescueTime, StayFocused, etc., which takes over your computer and blocks the websites which waste your time while you are working.

All of these apps and websites, as well as browser extension,  come with inbuilt tools for activity tracking, blocking, productivity widgets as well as business productivity tools that might help you get your work done easier and faster by managing and organise your online and offline data for you.

There have been long debates and discussions going on about which ones are the best productivity apps of 2018. However,, Automate, Dropbox, My Productivity app, Evernote remain to be on top of the list consistently for these are the best productivity planners across platforms because of their multi-purpose tools, synchronising ability and easy to use user-friendly interfaces.

Besides these apps and websites, you can also rely upon Siri or Google assistant for reminding you about your commotions, sending and notifying you about emails, important calls and appointments, or work schedules.

However, if you feel that something is really important and should come to your notice at any cost, you should totally write it on a post-it note and stick it on the wall right in front of you, or the sidewall in your cabin.

And even if that does not work, as a last resort, tell your mom to remind you about it. Even if it is the end of the world and everyone is dying, your mom will make sure you remember that one very important thing to do.

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