Best Call Blocker Apps for Android, Top 10 Call Blocker Apps for Android Phone

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android Free: We all have those people that call us and we don’t want to pick their call. So now you may block their unwanted calls, if you are having a smartphone. This article can help you very effectively and easily to get rid from those unwanted numbers. Whether it be an annoying friend, wrong number, company calls or your relative calls, you can easily stop them from calling you in just two minutes only. Check the Top 10 Free Call Blocker Apps from here and download any of them from your google play store and after installing Call Blocker App for Android don’t forget to share your reviews about the app in comment box.

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android

  1. Free Download Calls Blacklist App– Call Blocker
  2. Free Download Call Blocker Free App
  3. Free Download Call Blocker App
  4. Free Download Blacklist Plus App – Call Blocker
  5. Free Download Mr. Number-Block Calls & Spam
  6. Free Download Truecaller App– Caller ID & Block
  7. Free Download Block SMS And Call App
  8. Free Download Block call and block SMS App
  9. Free Download Root Call Blocker App
  10. Free Download Master Call Blocker App 

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android, Top 10 Free Apps to Block Calls on Android 

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android Phone
  • Calls Blacklist App– Call Blocker

If you are getting calls or SMS from any unwanted number you can add these number in your blacklist by using this android app. This is one of the Best Call Blocker Apps for Android Phones. The best feature of this Call Blocking App is that you can enable blocking option from these three – ‘Private numbers’, ‘Unknown numbers’ or ‘All calls’.

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  • Call Blocker Free App – Blacklist


In this specific Android App for Call & SMS Blocking you can block unwanted calls, Spam SMS through the custom blocking modes. Another unique feature in this app is ‘One Ring Phone Scam’ which prevents fraud calls which are generally lasts only for one miss call to cost your money.

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  • Call Blocker App

It costs very little memory of your smartphone storage with low CPU consumption. This Free Call Blocker App do not let you worry for the unnecessary call as it automatically rejects unwanted calls. You just have to enter the no. of that specific person or salesman and let the app do it’s job. This is one of the best android apps to block calls. 

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  • Blacklist Plus App – Call Blocker


It’s a very powerful Call Blocker App which use both Blacklist and Whitelist for blocking the apps. With the help of this app you can choose a specific range of phone numbers which have started from a specific digit. Thus, the whole range won’t bother you in future. Apart from this, you can also set timer for unwanted calls. This is the unique feature of this app so that you won’t disturb in night while sleeping or in a private meeting.

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  • Mr. Number-Block Calls & Spam


Apart from blocking calls and messages from one particular person, it can also block calls and SMSs from a whole area or world, whichever you want. It includes Automatic Caller Lookup for all no. in your call list to know you that who to block.

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  • Truecaller App– Caller ID & Block

It can see name or photos of people (if they also have this app) who are calling you even if you don’t have their numbers saved in your phone. You can search any name and number and also you can call directly from this app. By using this app you can check which one is free to talk right now and who to call at what time. This is the Most Popular  Call Blocking Android App for smartphone world.

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  • Block SMS And Call App

It’s very ‘easy to use’ feature put this app into this Top 10 Call Blocker Apps for Android list. You can easily add contact no. from phone list and call list to blacklist. It also shows you History of Call and SMS blocked. You can set a particular character limit and would block calls and messages coming from no. which is less than this character limit.

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  • Block call and block SMS App 


If you use this app, you’ll be never be distracted by fraud and unwanted calls. It has some extra settings to block Private no. or for Disabling Notifications.

It can enable or disable notifications of blocked SMS and calls.

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  • Root Call Blocker App 

It works very silently to block calls and SMS and don’t let you know who was calling or messaging you until you want to know. You can enable the feature if you want to know history for a particular no. It would notify you always if that particular person is calling you. If you are receiving a phone call from blocked contact, it won’t cut your current call. It’s customize notifications with ringtone , vibration and LED colors is the unique point of this app.

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  • Master Call Blocker App 

It’s 100% ad-free and don’t ask again and again your permission to block calls and messages. You are given three options to block calls – block all calls or allow calls only from your Contacts / Favourites / ALLOW-list. You can choose the best option as per your requirement. You can choose the mode of blocking – either through Silence or Hang up. You should try it’s Reply-By-SMS feature which allow you to the send a custom message to caller after blocking a call.

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Top 10 Best Android Apps to Block Calls

Along with blocking calls, some of above given apps will also gives you the feature to check the ID of caller. We hope that you whenever you need a Best Call Blocker Appsfor Android Free our article would help you. If you already have any of the app from above Top 10 Call Blocker Apps for Android list, do share your reviews in below comment box.

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