All about Android Junk Files And Its Disadvantages

Ever heard of the term junk files? Of course! You have.

Even though you do not understand the mechanics that go behind junk data and how it can affect your phone, it is still a common term that we Android users are familiar with.

We are aware of the fact that junk files are not good for our smartphones. They are the root cause of lags and annoying freezes.

Now, let’s get the basics straightened out first.

Android junk files
Android junk files

What are junk files? 

Junk files are residual files created while installing an application or running a program on your phone. They may be cached data, empty folders, useless apks etc. left behind when a process is completed.

How do junk files pile up? 

Every time you install, open or use an application, new files are created. These files automatically backup your work to make things easier and smoother. Though they are useful to quite an extent, but if you do not delete them periodically, things will turn sour.

What are the disadvantages of junk files? 

Junk files may seem useful, but in reality, they are not. Too many junks on your phone will start causing more damage than gain. Here’s a quick note on the disadvantages of junk files and why you should delete them.


  • They occupy a lot of disk space. You will start running out of space for no apparent reason.
  • They make your device slow to operate. The more junk files you have, the more time it will consume.
  • Junk files degrade device performance making it sluggish even with the best hardware configuration.
  • It will overburden the internal storage space of your device.


It should, therefore, go without saying that getting rid of junk files is the wisest thing to do. Get enough free space to organize your Android phone and keep it running at its best speed.

Tips to delete junk files from your phone 

Removing junk files fortunately does not take much time. There are a few basic tricks to do so (all basic and straightforward). You could do it manually or consider using tools like the ITL Phone Cleaner (rated with 4.5-star) that does it for you. Let’s find out how.


Deleting junk files using phone settings


To clean junk files manually, you can go to go to Settings App on your phone and clear its cache data. Cached files are also junk data that take up a lot of storage space and needs cleaning. A few simple clicks (if you have the time & if don’t skip to tip 3) and you are good to go.


  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Find Storage and tap on it.
  • From the list of options, tap on Cache Data or Saved Data.
  • A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm if you really want to remove everything stored as cached data.
  • Select OK. It will erase all the app caches on your phone.


Deleting junk files using factory reset


Factory reset is a more powerful and effective solution to remove junk files from your Android phone. This option lets you erase your entire phone settings and make your phone run as new. But on the downside, you will end up losing all your data and settings. Backing up data is highly recommended in this method.


  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Navigate to the option Backup and Reset. Tap on it and choose Factory Data Reset.
  • Tap on Reset phone. If need arises, type in your PIN or draw your Pattern.
  • Click on Erase Everything, and your phone will begin to erase everything on it. The process will take some time.
  • When done, restart your phone.


Deleting junk files using ITL Phone Cleaner 

Both the methods mentioned above can obviously help you to delete junk files, but it can take time. But if you are looking for a better and quicker option, you need a professional Android cleaner like the ITL Phone Cleaner as your assistant.

ITL Phone Cleaner is an all-in-one cleanup tool take cleans all junk files in one click. It also clears up temp files, log files, cached data, apks and empty folders occupying your valuable RAM.

Go to the Google Play Store and find ITL Phone Cleaner. You can download it for free. Install it on your device.

The phone cleaner is easy-to-use (complementing its popularity among users) and is very powerful. The best quality of this android junk cleaner app is it leaves your phone with more free space. It keeps your device organized and virus free.

Other than its junk cleaner, it comes with features like phone booster to speed up your slow phone, battery saver to extend battery life, duplicate photos cleaner to delete duplicates images, social cleaner to keep social apps junk free, antivirus to protect your device from malware and other infections and an app manager to keep your device internally organized.

All-in-all, ITL Phone Cleaner is a good for your phone’s overall cleaning chores and boosted performance. Get it a try and see it for yourself.

To sum up 

Each of the above methods is proven useful when it comes to keeping your Android device junk-free. However, experts are more inclined to method no. 3, i.e., using a phone cleaner app.

What better than ITL Phone Cleaner for that matter? It is specially designed to delete useless files so that you can have the best Android experience.




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