Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speakers Price, Features, Availability

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speakers

Xiaomi announced its new range of Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speakers in the Redmi Note 3 Launch Event a few days back. After the official Mi Bluetooth speaker launch in India, the company said that this Bluetooth speaker from Xiaomi will be available for purchase in India around the upcoming festive Holi season. All those interested in this Mi Bluetooth speaker can buy online from the official Xiaomi Mi India Website – mi.com

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What is Best in Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker?

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker

The first thing that you will first notice about this Bluetooth Speaker from Xiaomi is that it has the minimal design, nothing loud about it and that according to me is the good part. The metal body totally rocks providing it the sturdy feel and the speaker is of the size of a pencil box. The speaker grilles on the front might remind you of the old transistors. The Xiaomi Speaker will be available in two color options in India blue and gold. This Mi speaker also comes with a microSD card slot so those songs on your old microSD card can now be listened to.

On the Mi Bluetooth speaker, the power button, volume buttons, and Bluetooth pair are placed on the right edge and the left edge houses the aux in, USB port and mic. I was very much surprised that the speaker though features a metal body but it was quite light, 270 grams to be precise.

Mi Bluetooth Speaker Sound Quality

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Quality

Xiaomi which has been criticized for the below average quality of the speakers on it smartphones have managed to do a great job when it comes to the performance of the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker. The Mi Bluetooth speaker sound quality turned out to be very impressive and it received words of appreciation from all others who were present in the room with me. The speaker is loud enough to fill a room of size from compact to large with good sound. As the company claims – “Stereo sound volume up to 90dB(A) at 0.5m”.

The Mi Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker could be easily paired with any smartphone using Bluetooth from up to 15 meters. The speaker performed really well even when we turned up the volume to its fullest and we did not notice distortions in the few songs that we heard on it.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Music Playback Mode

Mi Bluetooth Speaker Playback Modes

The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker also supports different music playback modes and it can be used to play music from your mobile phone, tablets, laptops, and TVs. This Bluetooth speaker or music player from Xiaomi also has a built-in microphone, that can be used to take those important calls without even grabbing your phone by simply pressing the Play button.

Portable Mi Bluetooth Speaker 

This Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker also includes some small but important features such as you can long press the Bluetooth button to check the battery status of Mi Bluetooth speaker. You will also get a Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker user manual to check all these features. This Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker will be backed up by a 1500 mAh battery unit that the company claims will offer 8 hours of backup. The Mi Bluetooth speaker surely has an impressive specs sheet.

Mi Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Availability

Mi Bluetooth Speaker in Various Colore Combinations

Presently there is no information if or not the Bluetooth speaker from Xiaomi will be available on other e-commerce websites like Amazon but you will surely be able to buy online this speaker from mi.com/. A reader can get the Mi Bluetooth speaker review, user review from here.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Price

This Bluetooth speaker comes featuring a metal build and the company has set the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Price in India at Rs. 1,999. Check below for our initial thought about this Bluetooth speaker from Xiaomi.

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