Why Are iPhone Cameras So Good – Must Know

Why Are iPhone Cameras So Good?

Apple iPhones have always been the frontrunners in terms of camera performances, and why will they not be with an army of 800 people solely working on perfecting the camera of the iPhone. Yes, you heard it right 800 employees working on just the camera module of the smartphones, which is the most used feature of any Apple product. This was revealed on “Inside Apple” which was aired on 20th December 2015, in which, the company’s executives spoke about the great effort that goes into making iPhones and other Apple devices.

The team of 800 engineers and other specialists looking after the camera module is led by Graham Townsend, Apple Senior Director of Camera Hardware, who while speaking to 60 Minutes’ Charlie Rose, informed that tiny looking camera module of the iPhone 6s Plus is composed of 200 individual parts and in order to ascertain how important the camera of the iPhone is to Apple, Townsend added that Apple has a team of more than 800 engineers working on it.

Why Are iPhone Cameras So Good? Because around 800 People Work on it

Townsend further demonstrated how the camera autofocus motor is suspended on just four wires, which are just 40-micron wires, take that to be less than half of the width of a human hair. These wires hold the whole suspension stabilizes the effects of the handshakes.

How Good Is The iPhone Camera

Townsend then showed the way how Apple simulates various light conditions they use to test the camera’s performance, there are all sets of conditions such as bright sunlight, to sunsets to dim indoor lighting. “We can simulate all those here,” said Townsend.

Other leading smartphone manufacturers must also be conducting these different tests but seeing the size of the team working just on the camera of the iPhone’s proves how important the camera performance has become Apple. Just this year Apple has increased the megapixel count in its latest iPhones 6S and 6S Plus to 12 MP on the back and 5 MP on the front. The camera also shoots 4K videos now along with clicking Live Photos, with this, the flash now adjusts to the lighting of its surroundings, offering better flash.

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