Is Drive.bat virus is dangerous?

If the awful Drive.bat virus has tainted your PC, this article will enable you to dispose of it and also, recover access to your documents that this infection has hidden from you.

Based on facts and figures it is quite apparent that agreeing with the presence of this terrible virus is not advisable at any cost and requires immediate attention.

Before jumping to the remove shortcut virus process, we advise you to take a look at few necessary details about this offensive PC threat.

What is Drive.bat Virus?

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Drive.bat infection is a malicious PC threat that changes all documents on a client's PC to infected shortcuts.

All things considered, your system files start gets changed by shortcuts, and the client sees them like alternate ways.

The shortcut files look genuine and are pretty usual, they weigh about 1 kb but don’t lead to any place.

For an inexperienced computer user, this looks like a case of information loss and data theft. However, in reality, there is no information loss. The drive.bat virus simply alters the documents in a different route, making them inaccessible and unseen for the user.

What does Drive.bat virus do on your computer?  How dangerous is it?

The drive.bat virus works similar to shortcut virus and mainly targets portable devices like USB modes and pen drives and infects files stored on them.

However, there is nothing to be worried about as it only hides your files.

Any interface of a Drive.dat infected PC with a pen drive will contaminate your portable device and will access all files stored on it converting them into shortcuts.

The shortcuts usually look similar to the original file. It will additionally, move the altered data to a hidden folder which cannot be accessed until the malware is expelled from your system.

Fortunately, Drive.bat Virus does not result in any data loss, and once you cope up with this situation and get rid of this nasty PC threats, things get normal like before. Also, the contaminated shortcut is projected to distribute Drive.bat virus to all linked system. For instance, it quickly spreads to your PC and other portable gadgets that may be connected with it.

It is also seen that innocent users get trapped by clicking on it, feeling that it will help them to restore tampered data.

No matter what condition users are recommended NOT open the shortcut under any conditions.


How Drive.bat Virus infects your PC?

With the ever-increasing instances of cybercrime cases, cybercriminal is now using many deceptive techniques to spread malware.

Mentioned below are few of the most prominent and conventional methods of propagation.


  • Bundling- Bundling is the method of concealing malware with freeware downloading and are present on third-party sites giving free download options. Any installation results in the installation of Drive.bat. virus. Bundling is the simplest and quickest method of spreading malware, and in this process, the users are equally responsible for a compromised pc as they authorize the download procedure.Users are advice to thoroughly go through the download procedure along with the Terms and Conditions mentioned in the License agreement at it gives details about all unwanted programs coming along with the utility software.
  • Social ClickJacking- Online Social media platform provides a ready platform to cybercriminals for distributing PC virus. Attractive and lucrative links are usually placed on this site to attract customers. For instance: Ray ban discount offers.
  • Spam email: Spam emails are notable carries of Drive.bat virus. Links and attachments embedded in such email are loaded with virus and may result in a compromised pc. Make sure that you check the sender’s details properly before opening such emails.
  • Uncheck additional boxes: While downloading freeware programs online make sure that you uncheck all relevant boxes to avoid toolbars and extension from getting installed on your PC.
  • Portable devices like USB devices, pen drive, Flash drives are other prominent carries of Drive.bat virus.
  • Frequent visits to porn and adult sites, contaminated web links, P2P sharing, Torrent files are other sources.


Unsafe Characteristics of Drive.bat:

  • Drive.bat forbids opening of original programs and does not allow you to get to the web.
  • Drive.bat can give programmers the passage to your PC and provide its remote access.
  • It takes private data, for instance, credit card subtle elements, passwords, login credentials, personal security numbers and email contact.
  • It can additionally add Keylogger Trojans worms to your PC.
  • Drive.bat may delete default system files and degrade system speed and execution.
  • It alters the default settings of the pre-installed security program and updates its portions regularly to keep from being detected and deleted.

Indications of Drive.bat Trojan Infection:

The most common symptoms of the existence of Drive.bat virus on your system are:

  • Surprising system exercises: Unnatural system exercises may be experienced like a moderate system (Internet) speed because the Trojan endeavors to get to your system to download additional noxious projects.
  • Registry alterations. Drive.bat Trojan plans to include new registry passages and makes a change in the current ones, on account of which you will encounter moderate and uncommon PC conduct.
  • Change in program settings: Drive.bat Trojan introduces rogue documents mainly that works on the adjustment of your browser proxy related parameters. Due to which the internet speed gets affected with some unidentified websites getting downloaded to your system via pop-up ads and notifications.
  • Moderate PC speed: You will have slower booting rate of your PC, because of obscure startup programs downloaded by Drive.bat Trojan.


Few safety Tips, Ways to prevent Drive.bat virus

  1. Use popup blocker: Pop-ups and advertisements in the sites are the most adaptable strategy utilized by cybercriminals or engineers with the central aim to spread vindictive projects. An excellent Pop-up blocker tool will block all such ads and abstain you from clicking questionable destinations, programming offers, pop-ups and so on.
  1. Keep your Windows Updated: To stay away from such diseases, we prescribe that you keep your framework updated with latest versions. By doing this, you can keep your gadget free from infection. As indicated by the study, obsolete/expired renditions of Windows working framework are easily exploited.
  1. Third Party establishment: Try to keep away from freeware download sites as they ordinarily introduce packaged of programming with any installer or stub document.
  1. System Backup: Regular and periodical backup causes you to protect your information on the off chance that the framework is tainted by an infection or some other disease.
  1. Continuously have an Anti-Virus: Precaution is better than cure, this statement hold relevance but only to a certain extent. We suggest that you introduce an Best anti malware software for windows to keep your system secure from virus attack and ensure data privacy.



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