Best 65 inch TV 2018 for Gaming, Sports, Movies: Let us Know What You Think About 65 Inches Tvs

Best 65 Inch TVs of 2018 under budget price:- We all love big screens entertainment and what could be better than a 65 inch TV in our home for that. Since they are large in size and heavy in price, one may very easily end up buying a bit older model with slightly lacking in ultra-latest features. Hence, […]

Best 4k TV 2018, Best TV 2018, Top 6 Best 4K UHD TVs of 2018

Best 4k TV 2018: Don’t get confuse with the name 4K TVs as most of people call it Ultra HD or UHD TVs. As name suggests 4K TVs have four times as many pixels (dots that make the picture) than Full HD TVs. So it simply means that the quality of these TVs is four times […]

Best LED TV Under 30000 in India, Top 5 LED TV under 30,000 Rs In India

Best LED TV Under 30000 in India: Just like smartphone, laptop and all the electronic industry, televisions are always updated and new features appear. Now we speak of LED TV, Smart TV, 4K TV, UHD TV, 3D TV and even Curved TV. Television is now an essential part of our home. However, there are so many […]