Best Portable Projectors To Buy

What is a portable projector?

A portable projector is the most important kind of optical device which is used for projecting an image or a movie on to a screen which is placed in front of the projector. The best portable projector would give you a better image clarity as if you are watching a movie in the theatre.

Uses Of portable projector ?

The best portable projectors would increase the convenience of the users as they are easy to handle. People are can take these projectors where ever they want to use. They are available in different weights. The projectors which weigh below 10 pounds are called as the portable projectors. Some weigh eight pounds. But many are available in the range of four pounds. A device can be considered as the best portable projector if it can provide the maximum clarity at minimum weight.

These devices can serve a lot of purposes. The best portable projectors could be used in the boardrooms of a company and in the smart classrooms to teach the children through various pictures and videos. It can also be used to set up a home theatre.

The basic uses of the projectors are to view the PowerPoint and multimedia presentations. Several companies are involved in the process of the manufacture of the best portable projectors by including the advanced features day by day. In addition to the basic uses, the projectors which are manufactured these days have various facilities such as 3D gaming mobile device integration etc.

How to connect the portable projector to the laptop?

                While connecting the projector to the laptop, the laptop should be turned off. Then the cable of the portable projector should be inserted into the external port of the laptop. After inserting the projector to the electric supply, switch it on. The process of operating the best portable projector would be simpler. The laptop is synced with the projector by using the function keys. Depending on the model, the function key to be pressed may vary.

What are the merits and demerits of using a portable projector?


  • The best portable projectorwould produce larger pictures which can create the effect of watching a movie in a commercial movie theatre. You can also change the specifications for reducing the size of the pictures.
  • They can save the cost and requires less space for its installation.


  • These projectors require continuous maintenance particularly if the type of portable projector is not LED as the best portable projectors use LEDs which are long-lasting.
  • The effective working of even the best portable projectorsnecessitates the dark rooms which limit its use in maximum places.

The best portable projectors in the market

Best portable projectors Under 400 USD

  • CINEMOOD portable cinema projector is one of the best portable projectors which projects the images even over 12- feet and has HD 1080p resolution. It can be easily operated even by the kids as it has easy directional button controls. The important feature that makes it be on the list of the best portable projectors is that it is the smart projector which does not need any computer or the wall outlet. This projector would be the best portable projector for watching the Netflix content, family get together etc.


  1. 1. Kids enjoy it well as it comes with some pre-loaded content for them
  2. The device is very light to hold


  1. The picture quality is not up to the standards as there is a picture smudge in the screen
  2. The battery is short lived.

Best portable projectors Under 300 USD

  • ViewSonic MI portable projector occupies the list of the best portable projectors which can projects the images up to 100 inches from 8-feet 9 inches. It can be connected to any sort of devices ranging from mobile devices to the personal computers. Its inbuilt battery is long lasting which can provide power for at least 6 hours making it be the best portable projector.


  1. 1. The sound quality is exceptionally good.
  2. It can be considered as the best choice for the business travel.
  3. The picture quality is good with adequate brightness.


  1. Remote control works only when it is operated in the front of the projector.
  2. There is no wireless connection.
  • ABOX T22 Portable Home Theatre LCD Video Projector has the 50000 hours long lifetime which comes to around ten years which brings it to the directory consisting of the best portable projectors. Apart from this, it has the environmental- friendly 5 layered technology and also can provide the image resolution in the range of 1080p. It can offer 60ANSI Lumen High Brightness which only the best portable projectors can offer.


  1. It has good video quality.
  2. It is worth its price.


  1. Though it has good video quality, it produces very loud noise.
  2. Sometimes, there is a problem in turning it on.

Best portable projectors Under 100 USD

·         DBPOWER GP15 Projector is the best portable projector that is available at the lower prices and it is compatible with all the TV boxes, iPad, iPhone, smartphones etc. What makes it the best portable projector is that it has a cooling system which reduces the fan noise by a greater extent. A 3-years warranty and the technical support are provided if we are encountering any problem in its working.


1. The projector has been great for its price.

2. Its in-built speaker works so well


1. Some of the projectors of this brand does not work well after its first use

·         SOMEK 2400 lumen LED Portable Video Projector is also in the list consisting of the best portable projectorsas it can provide 80% brightness than any other LED mini projectors. It is compatible with all the brands of the laptops, PCs, Tablets etc. This is the best portable projector for the home uses rather than for the commercial uses.


1. The picture quality is perfect.

2. The setting up of the projector is very easy


1. Sometimes, the projector did not get connected to the phone.

We hope the information provided by us regarding the best portable projectors would be of great use to you. Get the best portable projector, install it at your home and enjoy with your family!!! 

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