Best Fiverr Alternatives 2018

What is Fiverr and what is fiverr gig?

Fiverr is an online freelance marketplace where you can buy and sell services starting at just $5 in the form of Fiverr Gig. When Fiverr had just begun, the gigs price could only go up to $5. The name Fiverr is extracted from the same concept {Five- Fiverr}. Sign up for Fiverr is very easy. Fiverr follows a single account system which means that you can use the same account for buying and selling services. Initially Fiverr was only restricted to $5 gigs but now freelancers can raise a gig upto $995.

Create A Gig On Fiverr

On Fiverr, freelancers have to make a title and propose a gig with several details and time specifications. They can also charge extra for extra work. Fiverr acts as a foundation for both the client and the freelancers and it also favors both the sides.

Also, it follows a primary communication system that works between the client and the freelancer, which leads to easy work and delivery process. The client can rate and review the gig provider after completion of the work.But Now a days When it  comes to how to make fiverr gig popular people struggle a lot .So why not to look for fiverr alternatives. There is not much to lose when it comes to Fiverr, I mean it is just $5 right?

Unlike many other sites, you don't need any degree or specified skills to get a gig on Fiverr your creativity is your magical wand. Fiverr is a vast marketplace and it is also gaining a lot of popularity as time is passing by. As a result Fiverr is getting pretty crowded with freelancers and it is smart for a freelancer not to bound himself to a single site. If you are a die-hard fan of Fiverr, here are some freelancing websites that are good Fiverr alternatives to Fiverr. These will help you get more options and possibly more gigs.

Most recommended Fiverr alternatives


Broxer is a freelance marketplace that works on a similar concept to Fiverr. It is a great Fiverr alternative. The basic idea of broxer is that the jobs are termed as services that are offered on broxer. Services can be bought or sold on broxer. In broxer, the basic price is 250 INR which is just $3.75. The freelancer posts on the job page where the buyer can purchase the job and create an order.

The fantastic thing about broxer which creates a similarity to Fiverr is that they take a commission as well, but it is only two percent as compared to the twenty percent in Fiverr. Broxer is a very reliable marketplace. It is a tremendous place to find jobs and a variety of gigs.

Broxer follows an effortless way for clients to find the kind of work they are looking for.

People Per Hour

People per hour is a well-known site and is very famous as well. It follows a simple process if you want to make a profile, and you will get jobs according to your profile and the details you mention. This site is for great creative workers; the freelancers also go through a quality check.

This site works with a process where the client's satisfaction with the work is given importance, and the freelancers have to make amendments to meet the client's expectations. People per hour doesn't compromise with the quality of the work delivered.


Upwork is a very large freelance marketplace which is famous for all kind of gigs and jobs. If you enter as a client, all you need to do is to mention what kind of work you are looking for and the site matches you with suggested freelancers. This site has a unique way of finding the best freelancers, and that is through making them take part in contests.

These contests might seem like a waste of time, but they are indeed a very great way for gaining good reviews and a bugger gig. There is no restriction on the price of the gig. This site has a marketplace as big as Fiverr so it can be used as an alternative to Fiverr.


This website connects freelancers to clients through a simple process. It also has a contest system where taking part in contests can help you gain superiority against other freelancers. Many companies contact the freelancers due to the results of these contests.

You have to make a profile and should have a good portfolio to be able to get good projects.


Guru is an online marketplace that helps you find your freelancers from 1.5 million freelancers. You can work with freelancers as a team and build more substantial projects in lesser amounts of time.

You can share documents and communicate with the freelancers through this platform. This platform is full of freelancers and clients. You can get a variety of projects from this site.

Fiverr clones

The Fiverr script is very famous, and many websites have unapologetically copied this website because of the appreciation it is getting. Here are some Fiverr clones if you are looking for something exactly like Fiverr.


Gugbucks is a micro job site, and it is a clone of the Fiverr script. It works exactly like Fiverr. The details are also precisely the same the prices start from $5, and this site also takes a commission of twenty percent.

It has a good amount of crowd following it as well. The site is now announcing a second version which offers almost 0% commission. They will provide a higher quality of freelancers.

The promise is to redefine and redesign the current list of categories. The implementation of all these factors will help gigbucks in becoming a great website for freelancers looking for worthwhile projects.


It is almost comical how similar this site is to Fiverr. It is Fiverr but cheaper. Doesn't that sound great? As the name of the site suggests, it is fourerr which corresponds to the number four.

That's right fourerr is a dollar cheaper than Fiverr. The gigs start from an amount of $4 only. This site works with a simple method; you get badges which determines your level. When you reach the top level you become one of their best, and the site recommends you to many clients automatically, i.e. you reach the top of their list.

If you are looking something just like Fiverr, this is one the best Fiverr alternatives to work with.

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