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Top 10 Android Apps: So here we come up with our new Top 10 Android Apps List in which we have included what we feel are presently the 10 best Apps for Android mobile phones in India. This list include both new apps and the ones that have been around for a long time now also both paid and the best free android apps. If you are reading this then there are 99% of chances that you are an Android user, let not get into the calculations I used for this probability though.

I too have been an Android user since ages now and I know that choosing 10 best Android Apps is not all an easy task. There is this ocean of apps to choose from, so I have spent hours on my Motorola Nexus 6, checking different Android Phone Applications to compile this list of the Top 10 Android Apps. The inclusions were based on the usability, user interface, popularity and some of my personal attachments to the app.

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#1WhatsApp Messenger

The clear leader in the world of messaging apps – WhatsApp Messenger – had to be on our list of the top 10 Best Apps for Android smartphones. WhatsApp needs no introduction. There are herd of messaging apps available on the PlayStore, many of which have come after WhatsApp, but WhatsApp still stands out because of the ease of use and the amount of features it offers to its users. Added to that, you do not have to put up with the irritating ads.

WhatsApp provides its users the ability to share text messages, photos, songs and even videos. You can even use WhatsApp to make voice calls, the quality of which will be dependent on your internet connection. Lately, there has also been news about video calls being integrated into the app. Why pay for the monthly message packs when you got WhatsApp.


Pocket is one of my favorite Android Apps and a must have app for the people who read a lot of stuffs on the internet. Using this app, you can save articles, videos and any other web content, so that you can check later.

The UI of the app is impressive, it is beautiful and optimized, and it gives an easy-to-view experience for your phone and your tablet. Pocket can be a perfect companion for all the commuters, travelers, or people who like to just curl up in the couch – making it clearly deserve a place in our list of the Best Android Apps 2018.

#3 Swiftkey Keyboard

If the Google Keyboard is not giving you the best typing experience then this is the one Android Keyboard App that you need to download and install in your Android smartphone now. The SwiftKey Keyboard has a number of features like auto-correct, tracing, and huge number of themes to play with its appearance. The one feature that has made the Swiftkey Keyboard always stay on my device and be my primary keyboard is the word prediction engine. The Swiftkey Keyboard uses Artificial Intelligence to learn from what you type and provide you with accurate word predictions. It further keeps learning and getting smartphones and you spend more time using this keyboard.

#4 Nova Launcher

I have tried a number of Android Launcher Apps on my handset but only one has managed to stay – Nova Launcher. It is fast, performance oriented and highly customizable. We have also heard rumors about Google doing away with the App Drawer in its next version of Android – Android N. So Nova Launcher will make for the best thing for the people who do not want the App Drawer to go anywhere. For me, the Nova Launcher is the best Android Launcher out there and how can it not be on this list of the best top 10 apps for Android Phone.

#5 Paytm

PayTM is the place where I pay all my bills from, this is one app that has always stayed on my smartphones (I already feel a part of their journey!). The app has now also become an online shopping store. For all its services and features, Paytm clearly deserves a place in our top 10 Android Apps List.

#6 Trello

Trello is presently among  the best task management Android apps out there. Using this app you can organize your tasks or projects around boards. Trello uses a card-based design, which makes it easy to visualize your project. The app also comes with enough collaboration tools to make sharing ideas between co-workers an easy task. The apps brilliance in allowing users to control and manage their work whether office related or home related has earned it a place in our list of the best new Android Apps.

#7 Flipboard

Okay fine, let me accept the fact that I use Flipboard almost all the time when I am alone and bored. This app is my personal magazine, which provides me with all the news and updates about the topics I like in a single place. You will just have to tell Trello what interest you and which all topics do you like and the rest will be taken care of. It had to be there on this list of the top 10 favorite must-have Android apps.

#8 7 Minute Workout

This app is a must have Android App for all the office goers and housewives who are so used to saying that they do not have time for hitting the gym and end up gaining a hell lot of fats. This app makes you workout for just 7-9 mins and leave you sweating and feeling great. An easy and fast method to look after your health and weight gain. Must give it a try.

#9 Hotstar

Do you remember searching – ‘Live Streaming India vs Australia’ on Google? Most of us did. With the Hotstar App you don’t have to go to Google to search for the live streaming links.

With the Hotstar App you can watch LIVE sports, TV Shows, Movies right on your Android device that too, free of charge! I remember watching the World Cup 2015 matches while traveling on the hotstar app. It came as the most needed app for me that time. Not only matches, it also provides the full-length episodes of various Hindi and English TV Shows of the Star Network. In addition, it has some exclusive videos and series too. A completely must have and among the best Android App India.

#10 Videoder

There are some apps that are not listed on the Google App store but they are so good that they have to be on our android smartphones. Videoder is one of such must download android apps. It lets you download music and videos from Youtube, even in 1080p quality. Download this Youtube Video downloading app on Android from the link below.

Top 10 Best Android Apps 2018:

These were the 10 best Android Apps 2018 or to some extent of all time, though there are many more apps that I wanted to include in this list but the limit was ten this time. I will be updating this top 10 Android apps of all time list regularly so keep checking back to know about the best new and old android apps that you must download first on your new android phone. Do comment your views and suggestions. As well as by the time we meet again, check the apps listed above.

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