10 Best Android Alarm Apps This Year

Do you always find it hard to wake up early in the morning and get late for your office, college and appointments all the time? If that’s the case, you should stop hitting that snooze button again and again now and start using the best android alarm apps around to put things right. In fact, you can even find voice reminder apps for android that will make things easier for you to wake up in the morning or set online alarm for the same.

While we have thousands of different android alarm apps out there on Play Store, you can’t really check out all of them one by one to decide which of them is the best and suits your needs perfectly. So, why not take this short round up here and see which of the top android alarm clock apps you should use. Here’s our list.

  1. Alarmy

For those regular snoozers with a habit of turning their alarm clock off to sleep more,
Alarmy is the perfect solution. Known for being the most annoying, Alarmy takes a unique approach to wake you up. If you want to stop the alarm from ringing, you have to complete a puzzle or a task before it turns off. There is a certain level of difficulty associated to all these challenges and you can adjust it according to your needs. Whatever the case, until you are able to complete the puzzle and turn off the alarm, you’ll be totally awake. Besides, the app also offers horoscope, weather updates and news to give you a perfect start in the morning.

  1. I Can’t Wake Up

Another cool option in android alarm clock apps, the app is for you if you live up to the title of the app. The app features 8 unique wake up tasks for the users which require you to complete them before the alarm is turned off. They include memory, math, order, barcode, rewrite, repeat, match and shake. The idea is to make sure that your mind gets alert enough that you can’t go to sleep again before the alarm is turned off.

  1. Puzzle Alarm Clock

We all know that stock alarm applications don’t really work with the heavy sleepers and if you want to force your mind into waking up, puzzle alarm clock is one of the best android alarm clock apps that gives you challenges to be completed in order to wake you up. There are 4 unique challenges including Math Equation, Solving Maze, Remembering Shape Sequence, and Retyping Text.

  1. Sleep As Android

This is one of the best alarm apps for android that serve more as your sleep tracker. The app studies your sleeping pattern and performs an analysis on it making sure that you wake up with a sweet alarm sound at an optimal time in the morning. For sleep tracking activation, you have to turn sleep mode on and then place your smartphone on the mattress. The app also allows you to set up puzzles and tasks and you can even integrate it with your wearable gear like Android Wear, Optional Pebble, Google Fit, Galaxy Gear, and Samsung S Health.

  1. AMdroid Alarm Clock

Another of the free Android alarm apps, AMdroid is perfect for heavy sleepers as well. The app lets you set several alarms as well as completely customize them to gently wake you up. Besides allowing you to create different wake-up challenges, the alarms can automatically be disabled by the app on different public holidays as well. It does so by syncing itself with your calendar. The app is also aware of your location as well which means it figures out whether you’re at your office or in a restaurant and ensures that the stray alarms do not go off. If you’re a heavy sleeper, the app allows you to set up pre-alarms as well so that you can wake up gradually.

  1. Snap Me Up

Another one among the best Android alarm apps, Snap Me Up requires you to take your selfie for the alarm to turn off. You have to make sure that the selfie is taken in an environment that is well-lit and that you are fully awake because otherwise the alarm will keep sounding. All the selfies taken through the app are saved on the phone and you can share them with your friends later as well.

  1. Shake-it Alarm

If you don’t like to solve puzzles or math equations, shake-it alarm would be your best android reminder app with alarm. The alarm can be turned off either by shaking it, screaming loud or touching it off. You can also rely on the ‘Deactivate Home Button’ feature of the app that will make sure you can’t exit the app or turn off the alarm before you actually complete a task.

  1. AlarmDroid

Yet another powerful and simple android reminder app with alarm, AlarmDroid also works by assigning tasks and requiring the users to complete them for turning the alarm off. What makes this app different, however, is that it makes snoozing a bit easier because you just have to turn your smartphone over to get an extra five minutes to sleep.

  1. Alarm Clock Xtreme

This is another cool app that comes with its own sleep tracker, timer, and stopwatch. You can set the music you love to wake you up gradually. Besides, the app makes sure you do not end up dismissing the alarms accidentally offering a big snooze button. The app comes with different cool options such as auto-snooze with max limit, random music alarm, nap alarm, etc.

  1. SpinMe Alarm Clock

It’s really a smart app that will force you into leaving the bed because it is designed to turn off the alarm by requiring you to first stand up and spin around physically. You can’t even spin your smartphone while lying in your bed to stop the sounding of the alarm. That means there’s no escaping the alarm and you’ll have to wake up before it turns off.

So, pick one of these perfect Android alarm apps from the list given above and you’ll surely not have to worry about waking up early in the morning. Your work routine will be more aligned and you will have more productive days throughout the week. All these apps work fine and you just have to pick one that you feel comfortable with.

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