Best All in One Computer 2018, Top Best All in One PC 2018 – Must Check List

Best All in One Computer 2018: We understand that the 15-inch display on your laptop computer is behaving cramped because it has started feeling so. Although you can attach an extra screen to your laptop, but considering an all in one computer is a far better option. In the price range of 17-inch-screen laptop, you […]

outdoor projector

What Are the Uses of Projectors | TV v/s Projectors

I guess most of you could have made use of a projector, for any of your occasional purposes, But trust me, projectors has even more applications in our daily lives. Actually, the emergence of projectors have changed a lot of things in your life but sadly, you are failing to notice it almost every time. […]

Android Mobile Phones with 6GB RAM – 6GB RAM Mobile, Smartphone, Android Phones

Name Images Specifications Price Ratings Lenovo ZUK Edge Display: 5.5″ FHD OS: Android Nougat ROM: 64GB Camera: 13MP Rear, 8MP Front Battery: 3100 mAh ~ 23k 4.4 Coolpad Cool S1 Display: 5.5″ FHD IPS OS: Android Marshmallow ROM: 64GB/ 128GB Camera: 16MP Rear, 8MP Front Battery: 4070 mAh ~ 26k 4.3 ZTE Axon 7 Premium Version Display: 5.5″ AMOLED OS: Android Marshmallow ROM: 128 GB Camera: 20MP Rear, 8MP […]

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android, Top 10 Call Blocker Apps for Android Phone

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android Free: We all have those people that call us and we don’t want to pick their call. So now you may block their unwanted calls, if you are having a smartphone. This article can help you very effectively and easily to get rid from those unwanted numbers. Whether it be […]

Best VR Headsets Under 1000, Best VR Headsets Under 1500, Top VR Headsets Under 3000 in India

Virtual Reality concept isn’t new, it was around us from past few years but now this Virtual Reality Experience has taken a new form – VR Headset. Before we suggest you the Best VR Headsets under 1000, 1500, 3000 (Affordable Prices), first just try to understand What is VR Headset and How it works. What is […]

Best 65 inch TV 2018 for Gaming, Sports, Movies: Let us Know What You Think About 65 Inches Tvs

Best 65 Inch TVs of 2018 under budget price:- We all love big screens entertainment and what could be better than a 65 inch TV in our home for that. Since they are large in size and heavy in price, one may very easily end up buying a bit older model with slightly lacking in ultra-latest features. Hence, […]

Best 4k TV 2018, Best TV 2018, Top 6 Best 4K UHD TVs of 2018

Best 4k TV 2018: Don’t get confuse with the name 4K TVs as most of people call it Ultra HD or UHD TVs. As name suggests 4K TVs have four times as many pixels (dots that make the picture) than Full HD TVs. So it simply means that the quality of these TVs is four times […]