Top 5 Android Emoji Keyboards

As we see that there are millions of devices which activated on a daily basis and we expect to increase this number as the time goes. We always want to customize the devices. One of the best ways to customize the device is to change the keyboard which comes of our phone by a new one. Android provide this facility of changing keyboard at the start but iOS recently allow the users to download or use the other keyboards also.

There are many users who want to use the Emoji Keyboard Apps and most of them already using it. The main advantage of using an Emoji Keyboard Apps is to get more functions and features and you can see the cosmetic changes also. We are describing the best 5 Emoji Keyboard Apps which are listed below:

Android Emoji Keyboards
Android Emoji Keyboards

FLEKSY Keyboard plus GIF Support

Fleksy keyboard allows you to use the keyboard with large layout and very simple gestures which is helpful in increasing your speed of typing. It contain a function of correcting the words from the recommendation list by swiping up or swiping down. When you swipe right then it will add a period while swiping to the back will delete your word.

The system of the Fleksy keyboard is so efficient and it is my personal recommendation to use this keyboard if you want the standard typing method instead of swiping and it is our top recommended keyboard for the users.

There is no other keyboard except Fleksy which support GIF. Not only with GIF but it also supports many other extensions too.

Minuum Keyboard

Minuum is not a typical Qwerty-style keyboard and it is the smallest keyboard in the environment of Android. You can see that the alphabets on the keyboard seem on the same line beside the similar position of letters.

It looks difficult but easy to use. Although it is the smallest keyboard so this is perfect for the users who want to see more conversation on the screen while replying.

You can download this keyboard free or paid as well from the Play store and both are available with Emoji Support.

AI.TYPE Emoji Keyboard

This keyboard is known as ‘Smartest’ and for Android, it is the most personalized keyboard ever which comes with more than 800 Emoji. This is not done yet. It also supports the number of languages. It contains an amazing dictionary through which you can learn fast. The predictive ability depends on your typing. If you want better predictive ability then you need to type more. I think it is perfect for Android users.


SlideIt is also one of the best Android keyboards which works well and more than six million users downloaded this keyboard. If we see the popularity of SlideIt then it stands out in comparison with other keyboards such as SwiftKey and Swype.

The features which you can see in other Android keyboards are also present in this but apart from all these features, it has a very unique and advanced feature which you cannot see in other keyboards is half gesture words and half type.

If you want to type the word ‘Enjoyable’ then no need to type the full characters. Just type ‘Enjoy’ and gesture type ‘able’ and keyboard will automatically know what you want to write.

Kika Emoji keyboard

Kika Emoji keyboard is the perfect keyboard to type fast and make fun. You can select emoji out of the endless selection, customizable themes, funny stickers, GIFs. The typing is easy because of the word prediction, smooth swiping features, etc. It supports more than 60 languages and provides you with all the features which you want in your keyboard. It is a free app which is easily available in the play store.


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